Army Proponent Funding (Institutionally-Delivered Credentials)

The Army offers funding for proponent school-sponsored credentialing opportunities, tailored to specific MOSs, AOCs, and courses. They are indicated with the Proponent Funded icon. These credentials are generally offered in conjunction with attendance at Army Training Centers, NCO Academies, or professional military education schools. Funding for these programs may include fees associated with course work, cost for licensing and certification exams, study materials, instruction, and membership fees (if necessary to take the exam).

To obtain information related to proponent school-sponsored credentials for your MOS, use the appropriate contact in the table below or reach out to your proponent. Note that the proponent links in the CMF Title column in the table may require CAC sign-in.

CMF Code CMF Title Contact
12 Engineer (573) 563-0013
15 Aviation (334) 255-1421
17 Cyber (706) 791-6891
25 Communications & Information Systems (706) 791-1191
27 Paralegal 703-545-2288
31 Military Police (573) 563-8144
56 Religious Support (803) 751-9733
88 Transportation (757) 878-6337
92 Supply and Services (804) 734-4183