MOS 31Z Senior Military Police Sergeant

MOS Description

Senior Military Police Sergeant is responsible for supervising the manning, training, equipping and combat readiness of a BN/BDE level of command; principle staff NCO in operations whom plans, coordinates and manages BN/BDE operations, training and tasking’s to provide Police Operations; Corrections and Detention, Security and Mobility support and Criminal Investigations. Provides for the health and welfare of Soldiers and their families across the command. Serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Commander and Provost Marshal on policing, security of critical installation resources, and all enlisted matters; develops and implements law enforcement policies and procedures.


Note: Information related to the Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) can be found in the Additional Information section.

Additional Information

Additional information pertaining to MOS 31Z Senior Military Police Sergeant can be found below.

Enlisted Service members in CMF 31 and Warrant Officers holding the WO MOS 311A may be eligible to apply for the Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) exam. Successful completion of the exam would allow you to earn the POST license required for civilian employment as a peace officer in Missouri. See Information for Applicants to the Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). provides a portal to information on law enforcement training programs.

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