MOS 35Y Chief Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Sergeant

MOS Description

Performs duties of MOS 35L and 35M and provides guidance to subordinate Soldiers. The chief counterintelligence (CI)/human intelligence (HUMINT) sergeant is able to operate as part of an Army modular component to a joint Task Force organization and conduct operations in a joint/combined operational environment. Supervises the collection, processing, development, and dissemination of CI and HUMINT information. Supervises strategic debriefing, exploitation and theater interrogation centers. Plans, participates in and supervises HUMINT source operations. Supervises the full spectrum of HUMINT collection and multidiscipline CI activities at group, corps, Army, or comparable and higher headquarters. Coordinates HUMINT operational collection and CI requirements/activities of subordinate units with major supported units. Plans, coordinates and supervises intelligence operations and training.

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