MOS 35Z Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Senior Sergeant/SIGINT Chief

MOS Description

The Signals Intelligence Senior Sergeant and Signals Intelligence Chief serve as the principal enlisted assistant to commanders and heads of staff elements, and as staff NCO for major commands, fixed and tactical units engaged in signals intelligence/electronic warfare (SIGINT/EW) operations and combat development, or training. Supervises SIGINT/EW activities and provides technical, operational, and administrative guidance and direction to enlisted Soldiers at all echelons. Reviews evaluates, prepares and executes SIGINT/EW deployment, employment, and redeployment plans and orders. Interpret intelligence requirements for translation into SIGINT/EW tasking. Reviews SIGINT/EW doctrinal publications and prepares recommended changes. Compares modification Tables of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) and Tables of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) authorization documents with SIGINT/EW missions and functions and recommends revisions.

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