How To Get a Credential Using COOL

Army COOL often gets questions from Soldiers asking exactly how to get a credential using COOL. An overview is below, but first, keep in mind:

Credentialing Process Overview

The row of chevrons along the top of each page on COOL explains in detail how to get a credential. You can read about each step by clicking on the chevrons.

Screen capture of process steps on COOL pages

Following is a quick summary of the steps:

  1. Find a credential. COOL helps you find certifications and licenses that are related to your military training. On any page, click the "Find & Select Related Credentials" chevron or the Find tab to display the credential search box, where you have the following options (Warrant Officers, note that you have your own tab at the top):
    • MOS – click for a sortable, searchable MOS list. Choose one and click Go to see an MOS Summary page.
    • ASI – click for a sortable, searchable ASI list. Choose one and click Go to see an ASI Summary page.
    • Civilian Career Area – click for a searchable list of civilian career areas. Choose one and click Go to see a list of MOSs that are related to that career area.
    • Soldier Common Core – click to see credentials related to duties performed by every Soldier regardless of MOS.
    • Manager Credentials – click to see credentials related to training received by Soldiers who reach the rank of E-5 and above.
    • Full Credential Search – click for a sortable, searchable and filterable list of all the credentials listed on Army COOL.
  2. Learn about the credential's requirements. On a Summary page, click on a credential name. That will take you to a Snapshot or Analysis page, where you'll learn about the credential. You can find out if you are eligible to take the exam, or identify things you need to do or learn before taking the exam. You will also find out about study materials for the exam, and any other requirements. For more information about this step, click on the "Learn About Credential Requirements" chevron at the top of any page or go to the Learn About Credential Requirements page.
  3. Learn about available resources that can help you pay for the expenses related to the credential. Click on the "Learn About Available Resources" chevron at the top of any page for details, or go to the COOL Costs and Funding page to learn more.
  4. Take the exam. Note that you will schedule an exam with the credentialing agency (or sometimes a testing center), NOT with Army COOL. Links to an agency's credential page are included on credential Snapshot and Analysis pages. You will use these links to go to the agency's web site to sign up for the exam, and to find out how and where you can take it. Click on the "Apply For and Take Exam" chevron at the top of any page or go to the Apply For and Take Exam page for additional information.

That's all there is to it. Use COOL to identify and learn about a credential, and then go to the agency web site to schedule an exam. Good luck!