WOMOS 140L Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Support Technician

WOMOS Description

Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Support Technician, serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the employment and operations for the Air & Missile Defense (AMD) systems as an AMD System Support Technician. Plans and supervises the maintenance and logistical requirements/activities within an AMD unit. Monitors the AMD system and related support equipment to prevent, detect, diagnose or repair operator error and/or system malfunctions. Serves to coach, teach, mentor and evaluate Soldiers in AMD system on maintenance procedures. Evaluates the effectiveness of battery, battalion and brigade maintenance programs. Manages the use and care of special tools and support equipment, oversees the utilization of The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS). Monitors and coordinates the installation of modifications to the AMD system. Implements proper safety and security procedures applicable to the operation and maintenance support of the AMD system. Advises the commander on all AMD technical considerations at all levels. For more information on WOMOS 140L, see this Army website.

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