WOMOS 350F All Source Intelligence Technician

WOMOS Description

Collects and evaluates tactical and strategic information related to organization, operations, capabilities, and limitations of armed forces; uses the accumulated information to develop order-of-battle data; makes reliability assessments of information through comparison with previously evaluated information; maintains close liaison with other intelligence activities, including counter-intelligence, photo interpretation, interrogation, and language interpretation units; develops and maintains maps and overlays to provide complete and accurate intelligence information relating to friendly and enemy armed forces; interprets maps; prepares written reports; gives briefings and oral reports; maintains current information concerning both friendly and enemy forces to include identification, disposition, personalities, combat efficiency, and history; evaluates the significance of armed forces vulnerability studies for use in predicting probable courses of actions; has a working knowledge of automatic data processing procedures as applied to tactical and strategic intelligence; supervises, commands, or acts as chief of a section, detachment, or team engaged in the development of the data or information required in this area; may serve as a service school instructor. For more information on WOMOS 350F, see this Army website.

350F Enlisted Feeder MOSs

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The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts contains information of interest to the intelligence profession.

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