WOMOS 913A Armament Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer

WOMOS Description

Manages activities and personnel engaged in the maintenance and repair of small arms, artillery and armor weapons, and crew-served weapons; oversees the inspection, repair, replacement, and modification of armament materiel; supervises inspections and check-out procedures; directs shop operations including workflow planning, requisitioning parts and supplies, inspecting maintenance procedures, and providing technical assistance to maintenance personnel in artillery or armor units; must know nomenclature design, operation, and employment of the Army's current inventory of field artillery weapons, armor weapons, and small arms; trains enlisted specialists in the use of shop equipment and power tools, in inspection and test procedures, and in the disassembly, repair, and adjustment of armament material; uses technical publications and interprets specifications; must be able to use automated and manual systems for supply of technical publications, tools, repair parts, and related maintenance supplies; must know regulations and procedures pertaining to physical security, accountability, and shipment of weapons; may serve as chief of a team, section, or platoon in field activities; may serve as instructor in a formal training school. For more information on WOMOS 913A, see this Army website.

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