WOMOS 914A Allied Trades Warrant Officer

WOMOS Description

Supervises setup, maintenance, and operation of machine tools used to make or repair metal parts, mechanisms, tools, or machinery; applies knowledge of mechanics, shop mathematics, metal properties, and layout machinery procedures; manages service section shop engaged in metalworking, automotive component repair, and the allied trades; supervises personnel who operate general or specialized metalworking machines such as lathes and turning machines; supervises automotive body repair and painting, glass, plastic, machine, canvas, leather, welding, and woodworking shop activities and the recovery of all types of wheeled or track vehicles or equipment; controls work quality by instruction of subordinates and inspection of work in progress and completed work; interprets regulations, orders, and specifications and demonstrates correct procedures; plans shop layout; conducts training and orientation of personnel in technical procedures and equipment innovations; directs shop operations, including supply, scheduling, work flow, and personnel management; uses automated and manual systems in managing supplies of repair parts, tools, fuel, and technical publications; prepares, implements, and maintains standard operating procedures for management of maintenance activities; may be employed as a service school instructor; performs other officer-level duties required by mission of the unit to which assigned. For more information on WOMOS 914A, see this Army website.

Continuing Education

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