Information for Employers

COOL is intended primarily as a resource for Service members seeking credentials. If you are an employer looking for qualified transitioning Service members or Veterans and have stumbled on the COOL site, there are resources here you can use. You can learn more about how military training and experience might relate to your jobs, and about things you can do to help transitioning Service members and Veterans obtain civilian jobs.

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What do I need to know about transitioning Service members and Veterans?

How can COOL help employers assess the transferability of military skills and training?

How can I find Veterans looking for jobs?

Promotional Materials and Downloadable Content

Army COOL has available a variety of downloadable promotional materials and information to help you understand, promote and present COOL. There are posters, a ready-made Credentialing Overview presentation and other handy graphics and information. Go to the COOL Promotional Materials page to see what is available.