Information for Credentialing Organizations

If you are a representative of a credentialing organization interested in learning more about how credentialing applies to the military and the role you can play to facilitate credentialing of Service members, look here for more information.

About Military Credentialing

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What does the military mean when it refers to “credentialing?”

Why should I care about credentialing of Service members and Veterans?

What types of credentials apply to military occupations?

How closely aligned is military training and experience to civilian credentials?

How can Service members or Veterans fill gaps between military training and civilian credentialing topics?

Credentials Included and Funded Through COOL

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How are credentials considered to be included on COOL?

What credentialing expenses are paid for by the Army?

Find out if your organization’s credentials are already on COOL

Facilitating Credentialing of Service Members and Veterans

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Get your organization’s credentials approved for payment through the GI Bill®

Best practices to facilitate credentialing of Service members

Promotional Materials and Downloadable Content

Army COOL has available a variety of downloadable promotional materials and information to help you understand, promote and present COOL. There are posters, a ready-made Credentialing Overview presentation and other handy graphics and information. Go to the COOL Promotional Materials page to see what is available.