Information for Recruiters and Counselors

Credentials can make a big impact on Soldiers’ careers whether they are staying in the Army or moving on to a civilian career. Recruiters and counselors can use COOL’s unique features to help Soldiers better understand their credentialing options and the steps they need to take to get a credential. If you play a role in coaching Soldiers about their career options, use the resources below to help talk to your clients about the COOL program, identify key features of COOL, and to locate helpful promotional tools.

Credentialing Considerations and COOL Features for Recruiters and Counselors

As a recruiter or counselor, you know that your clients have different needs at different points in their careers. If you are using COOL to coach prospective Soldiers or current Soldiers, it will be helpful to get familiar with all aspects of COOL. However, recruiters and different types of Army counselors may want to focus on different COOL features. To help you get started, highlighted below are handy tips for recruiters, education and career counselors, and transition counselors on how to make the most of COOL.

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Education and Career Counselors

Transition Counselors

Promotional Materials and Downloadable Content

Army COOL has available a variety of downloadable promotional materials and information to help you understand, promote and present COOL. There are posters, a ready-made Credentialing Overview presentation and other handy graphics and information. Go to the COOL Promotional Materials page to see what is available.