Gap Analysis Pages

Gap Analysis Pages

For all items on this page, refer to the handy diagram to the right.

Gap Analysis pages can be found when clicking on the name of a credential after performing an initial search (see the Summary Page descriptions for more on navigating this other page type). Credentials that have the gap analysis icon Gap Analysis icon displayed in their row have a Gap Analysis page. Click on the icon or the credential name to go to the Gap Analysis page.

A Gap Analysis page provides a comparison of Army training and credential requirements, in addition to detailed information about the credential. Any gaps between the training and the credential requirements are identified, and resources to help fill those gaps are identified.

1. Credential Overview

The top of the page contains the name of the credential, a quick description, and the name of the agency that offers it.

2. Gap Analysis Detail

In the large section below the overview is a section of the page divided into up to seven subtabs. Each gap analysis may not have all of the subtabs, however, the purpose of each of the tabs, when they appear, is consistent and described below.

A. Summary

Similar to a credential snapshot page, this section of the gap analysis offers an at-a-glance view of different credential requirements. Subsequent sections look at the alignment of Army experience with the requirements of the credentials.

B. Eligibility

This tab offers a detailed view of prerequisite requirements, training requirements, military-specific requirements, and other requirements that credentials may have. These could be duration of experience, time since last performing the duties needed for the credential, or requirements of other companion certifications.

C. Training vs. Exam

This tab details how well experience gained in the Army aligns with required written exams and practical exams required by the credential.

D. Exam Preparation

Recommended exam prep resources and testing information.

E. Recertification

Renewal requirements for the credential to be maintained.

F. Additional Considerations

Other considerations that may impact a service member’s pursuit of the credential.

G. Related Occupations

Certifications are checked against many different occupations: this allows you to see what other careers in the Army could benefit from the same certifications.