Information for Service Members

Soldiers – this site is for you! COOL is structured to meet your needs. Make sure to check out all this site has to offer.

We know, however, that you are probably most interested in the credentials that are related to your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). You can get to that information from any page by clicking on the “Find & Select Related Credentials” chevron near the top of each page or by clicking on the “Find” button on the left navigation of each page. Don’t ignore the other information on COOL– this is good stuff to know!

Below, we have highlighted some of the other parts of COOL that you'll want to see.

  • COOL Features and Organization – learn the types of information on COOL that will be most useful to you.
  • Credentialing Basics – learn about the different types of credentials, how they apply at various points in your career, and things to consider when pursuing credentials.
  • Costs and Funding – learn what resources might be available to pay for credentialing fees.