Summary Pages

Understanding Search Results

For all items on this page, refer to the handy diagram to the right.

All Summary Pages are divided into four sections, which are organized into rows on the page. These rows are: 1) Army Duties, 2) Related Credentials, 3) Related Occupations, and 4) Additional Information, Continuing Education.

Each row (which you can show/hide by clicking the header) features information about a different aspect of the occupation. Below, a bit more information about the content of these sections and how you can better use them.

1. Army Duties

The top of the Summary Page includes a brief description of the Army duties for the specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Warrant Officer MOS (WOMOS) Summary Pages also list feeder MOSs for that WOMOS.

2. Related Credentials

This section contains information on National Certifications and/or Federal Licenses, State Licenses, and Apprenticeships. Each of these items (A – C) are depicted in tabs just below the “Related Credentials” section header.

A. National Certifications and/or Federal Licenses

These are certifications and licenses which are related in some way to the specific MOS. Functionally, this section is also special because of its sorting and filtering capabilities.

  • I. Filtering:
    Along the left hand side of the table is a dark-grey box that allows you to refine your initial search (shown on the right). You can do this by selecting from predefined categories (which can be turned on and off like switches).
  • II. Results with Sorting and Keyword Search:
    Along the top of the table, click each column header to sort the table based on the information in that column, alternating between ascending or descending order. You can also use the search box at the top-right of the section to search the credentials based on keywords.

These features can help you quickly narrow your search results and search more efficiently overall.

B. State Licensure

Some civilian occupations may require a state license in order to perform that job in a particular state. The State Licenses tab shows if one of the related civilian occupations is licensed by any state and provides links to additional information on state licensure requirements.

C. Apprenticeships

This tab includes information about the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Registered Apprenticeship program.

3. Related Occupations

The middle section of the Summary page shows various types of occupations that are related to the specific MOS. The types of occupations shown are civilian and federal. Also shown is information about civilian job opportunities.

4. Additional Information, Continuing Education

The final section of the Summary page provides various additional information related to the MOS, including links about continuing education.